Easy Cross-Chain Investment Platform for Decentralized, Open Trading and Creation of Trustless ETFs.

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ETF Trading Exchange

Ceresion is a fully fledged trading platform with margin and leverage where users can trade the various ETFs offered.


Trading with Ceresion Token, you could have...

Non-Fungible Tokens

ERC-721 integration rewarding ETF creation and trading achievements and gamifying investment and trading.

ETF Trading Platform

Invest in entire industries such as Insurance, NFTs and Oracles and take advantages of the changing trends in cryptocurrency.

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Interoperability for seamless trading between the Ethereum and  Polkadot  ecosystem

Layer-2 Solution

Building with Optimism to allow for ultra-low transaction fees and fast trading whilst maintaining high security.

Fiat Gateway

A decentralized bridge to the traditional finance world allowing for fiat purchases and investment.


Every digital creation on Ceresion is digital signed by the creator and permanently recorded and verified through the blockchain.


Things Happen.

Top NFT Marketplaces for Creators to Sell Non-Fungible Tokens

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Wondering how we work? Here are some insights for quick reference

What is Ceresion?

Ceresion is a decentralized cross-chain ETF Investment Platform that allows trading and creation of trustless ETFs by utilizing blockchain technology and layer-2 solutions.

The platform will connect the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems empowering traders by providing a wide range of ETF tokens to trade and invest and leveraging the technology of both blockchains to open new avenues for investment strategies.

Our service will allow investors to create fully decentralized ETFs that can be traded and earn a share of the profits from transaction fees. The leaderboard system will reward top performing fund creators with NFTs which give perks on the platform and partner project platform such as early access to release and higher staking APY.

What is Ceresion Token?

Ceresion Token is a bridge token for you to access the ETF and NFT with a stabilized trading value. NFTs exist on a blockchain, which is a distributed public ledger that records transactions. People are probably most familiar with blockchain as the underlying process that makes cryptocurrencies possible. NFTs are typically held on the Ethereum blockchain and Ceresion Token would be a valuable trustworthy link between them.

Is it possible to trade with Ceresion Token?

Ceresion Token is your trustworthy assets for your purchase in NFTs and crypto currency. All trades in Ceresion Token is secured with blockchain technology and layer 2 solutions. Our service will allow investors to deposits capital in the form of our Ceresion Token and exchange in various investment assets of ETF enabling investment in a range of insurance, oracles, NFTs, Derivatives, Polkadot ecosystem project and many more.


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Q4 2021

‧Project Conception

‧Legal Advice

‧Platform Conceptualization

‧Release of White Paper

‧Seed Sale

‧Private Sale

‧Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Audit

‧Ceresion Platform (V1) Public Fund

‧Farming Vault Launch

‧Binance Smart Chain Integration

‧CEX Listing

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

‧ERC721 Integration - NFT Release

‧Fiat Gateway Development

‧Ceresion Governance Platform (V1) Launch


‧Ceresion Governance Platform (V2) Engagement

‧Polkadot Integration

‧Legal Licenses 

‧First Round Public Sale

Q3 2022

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